NFA Gun Trust

An NFA trust is a great way to purchase and own firearms regulated under the NFA. An NFA Trust provides many benefits, is affordable, and easy to get.

Florida law permits the purchase, ownership, and possession of machine guns, short barreled rifles or shotguns, and suppressors. Federal law governs the purchase and possession of these firearms through the ATF. NFA firearms may be owned by individuals and entities. An entity is a legal creation like a corporation or a trust. We recommend that anyone looking to purchase an NFA firearms use a trust to do it. 

A trust is recommended because it offers more flexibility and more options to anyone looking to purchase an NFA firearm. We have created a special trust just for NFA firearms. The trust is drafted to address the needs of those looking to own NFA firearms, and offers protection against liability. This trust provides many benefits including:
  • Privacy - a trust is a private document and is not filed with any court or public group. No one will have to know that you have an NFA trust.
  • No CLEO signature - the ATF requires the approval and signature of the chief law enforcement officer in your area as part of the approval process. Placing an NFA firearm in one of our trusts avoids this requirement.
  • Allows for multiple users - multiple people may possess and use the NFA firearm without fear of an unlawful transfer.
  • Avoids probate - an NFA trust allows you to pass on your firearms legally and easily outside of the probate process.
  • Cost - unlike a corporation, a trust does not require yearly fees and may be updated or amended.
While each trust is drafted specifically for you based on your specific circumstances and needs, that doesn't mean it is expensive. Our trusts are more affordable than you may think. The lawyers at The Reed Law Firm have experience drafting custom NFA trusts. Contact us to set up your trust or find out how to purchase an NFA firearm. We can explain how the process works, what it costs, and when your trust will be available. 

Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation with our experienced lawyers today.

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